Happy New Year! 2013 is the Year of the Red Window. 1.1.13


Spring Is Here. And we're getting our pigeons in a row. 4.12.12


On the Bench. The team has been working on this new book for Shackman Press. See the deluxe binding here. 7.29.1


Spring Move. After many many years on the first floor, I've decided to move to the fourth floor for more space, more windows, and a view of Nashawanuck Pond. 6.7.09


On the bench today. Giant portfolio boxes for suites of 30 x 40 inch photographs by Stephen Petegorsky—who, incidentally, photographed all of the books on this site. See more of his work here. 2.23.09


On the bench three-and-a-half years ago today. As I prepared the content for this site, I was struck by the flash of green out our windows in the summer of 2005 as we worked on Sally Mann. The above photograph was taken by my former assistant, Sami Keats. 2.11.09


Let's get this party started. After several weeks of hunting and gathering, I'm pleased to publish this new showcase for my work. And now that this site is built, it's time to dust off my tools and get back to work. 2.1.09